kitchen-design-blog-pageIs your kitchen ready for a makeover? Kitchen remodeling can create a welcoming and comfortable environment that reflects your taste and lifestyle, as well as increasing the value of your home. With this quick and easy guide, you can discover ideas for how to update your kitchen to match your style and personality.

Every kitchen style has its own distinct backsplash, cabinets, countertops and more. Once you determine which style best suits you and your home, you will be able to narrow down your options for these important elements. Choosing your favorite color palette and the other design details is a fun way to customize your kitchen. Below, we have compiled a few ideas to spark your imagination for which style you like the most. Depending on the materials you choose, you can personalize your kitchen design to create the dream kitchen you have always pictured.

The Modern
For a modern look, use a stainless steel backsplash with black or dark grey cabinets. A light marble countertop will create a contrast between the dark and light, producing a sleek, cool feel.

The Traditional
Traditional kitchens are a beautiful blend of sophistication and familiarity. For a traditional look, dark wood cabinets are charming and timeless. If you want to add a little modern twist to spice up your kitchen’s traditional style, try adding a fun patterned backsplash. This adds texture and gives the room a bit of a contemporary pop. A dark countertop pairs well with this combination. This traditional, yet unique palette will look fantastic for many years.

The Cottage
This kitchen style is cozy and charming, creating a carefree and relaxed environment. This look is completed with white backsplash, wood floors, soft color accents and white open shelving. Counter tops are usually a warm color, such as oak to bring cheerfulness into the atmosphere.

The Classic
Black and white are always classic colors. Whether you prefer all white for a fresh, clean look, or prefer the contrast with some black accents, either will allow you achieve the timeless look you desire. A benefit of choosing this style is that you can personalize it in so many ways, by mixing this traditional look with a more contemporary or eclectic look. The best backsplash for this style is subway tiles in either black or white. Using white wood cabinets completes the classic look with marble counter tops. Another classic look is subway tile with warm cherry wood cabinets and light marble countertops.

The Craftsmen
If you prefer the beauty of the Victorian era style, a craftsmen kitchen is your ideal choice. This style focuses on rich wood and handcrafted tiles. Granite countertops with maple cabinets look wonderful for this simple, yet elegant design.

If you haven’t discovered your ideal kitchen design yet, these are only a few styles out of the many palettes to choose from. Many more styles are available to suit your needs for functionality, goals and preferences. Romantic, rustic, country, and Mediterranean, just to name a few. Find your perfect match!