Remodeling and renovating are both important home improvement projects that can add a lot of value to your house. Your contractor can likely help you with both remodeling and renovating. The key difference between remodeling and renovating is whether the form of the building has been changed. People frequently need to do things like fix creaky floors, expand kitchens, and add showers to older bathrooms. Projects that involve altering walls and expanding the building are remodeling projects. Heavy-duty repairs that don’t change the form of something are typically renovations. 

Compare the Return on Investment and Difficulty Level

Some projects are clearly harder to complete than others. You may be surprised by exceptionally difficult renovation projects if you decide to make improvements to a much older home. Working with layers of plaster, flooring, paint, and trim can be more difficult than taking out a wall. Many experts find that renovations typically have a higher return on investment. These projects usually don’t take as much money upfront and add a lot of appeal for potential homebuyers. 

Remodeling may be completed on the interior or the exterior of the building. Your contractor can help you estimate the time and costs involved with your project. Common renovation tasks include restoring antique floors, painting, and replacing windows. You can choose from many types of partial remodeling or renovation projects. Full-scale remodels and renovations may take several years. 

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