New Home Construction

Crimson builds custom dream homes of the highest quality

Our design build construction strategy allows us to build custom dream homes of the highest quality and value and also offer excellent, timely design solutions to all issues. Although home building is a complex and ever-changing process, we keep it organized, fun and exciting. We carefully plan out the construction process, always moving forward without taking any steps back. New home construction is a mature industry, so we’re proud of the ideas we have developed.

Since we build what we design, we know what projects cost and can provide you with accurate estimations for your custom home. Some of our clients have been disappointed in their previous experiences with an architect or builder who did not understand the cost implications of new home design. Our economical pricing consistently proves us to be the best value among our competitors. And with our Co-Construct software, you can see that value. An up-to-date budget, schedule and job site photos are available on the app whether you’re at home or on the go.

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